Property Management Philadelphia, PA

Property Management in Philadelphia, PA
Michael Jordan Real Estate, LLC.

Serving Philadelphia, Bucks & Montgomery Counties

Michael Jordan Real Estate, LLC is a full service property manager with with over 30-years of property management experience. Our experience will enable you to maximize your return on your Real Estate Investment.

Good property management is the only way to maximize your profits/returns on your real estate investments. Michael Jordan Real Estate – Property Management will help you rent to top quality tenants, keep tenants longer, limit vacancies, aggressively market your property in advance of vacancies, communicate with tenants, maintain and repair your property, keep accounting records and communicate and report to you the Landlord.

Top Quality Tenants – We will thoroughly screen all of the prospective tenants.

Reduce Vacancies – We will limit vacancies by keeping tenants happy with good communication and by quickly responding to their needs.

Marketing – We aggressively market available properties in advance of vacancies to keep empty units to a minimum.

Repairs/Maintenance – With our 30-Years of experience we have built a team of experienced and reliable contractors to handle almost every possible circumstance from Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC to Painters. We can have any repairs or maintenance completed in a timely fashion.

Turnover Maintenance – Our service can include preparing vacant units for the next tenants. This can including repairs, painting, cleaning and renovating if necessary.