First Time Home Buyer Grants



Philadelphia, Bucks & Montgomery Counties as well as First Front Door offer First Time Home Buyers Grants and assistance to help with down payments and closing cost to eligible buyers. This is a great opportunity. Please see below for more information. MJRE can walk you through the process from getting pre-qualified for a mortgage, checking your eligibility for the Grants, guiding you through the classes and finding you the new home of your dreams. Call us at 215-403-3333

Philadelphia First Time Home Buyer Assistance Program

The City of Philadelphia is offering a home buyer assistance grant of up to $10,000 (or 6% of the home’s purchase price, whichever is lower) to assist first-time homebuyers reduce the principal, cover down payment and loan closing costs.

Bucks County First Time Homebuyer Assistance Program

Bucks County has the First Time Homebuyers Assistance Program that can provide up to $10,000 for closing costs and/or down payment assistance for eligible households.  The amount of assistance is provided to the buyer as a no interest deferred mortgage due and repayable once the home is sold, transferred, refinanced for additional debt, or is no longer the principal residence. 

Montgomery County First Time Home Buyers Program

Assistance up to a maximum of 10% of the estimated affordable sales price for participants, not to exceed $10,000.00.  Eligible participants may receive assistance with down payment and closing costs. Participants will be required to complete a counseling package and meet with the counselor one on one to go over budget, credit, mortgage financing, and home ownership responsibilities.

First Front Door

First Front Door (FFD) can help qualified first-time homebuyers with closing cost and down payment.  Every $1 you contribute, FFD will provide $3 in assistance, up to $5000.  

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